Test e kicker

  1. Test e kicker

    Pinning 500mg test e per week for 10 and using lgi alpha 20 as a kicker to start
    Now I've used this before and my sweet spot is 30mg but that is only 20 days worth from a bottle to kick start my cycle
    Is that long enough??
    If it's not will I lose gains before the test e gets in full swing?
    Should I get another bottle of alpha 20 and go another week on it taking it to 4 weeks?
    I've heard conflicting reports on when the test kicks in from 3-5 weeks
    Cheers boys

  2. Meant 60mg e/d
    3 caps

  3. Either get another bottle or just run it at 40 mgs. Even at running it for only 20 days, you still have accumulating test in your system so you're not going to be catabolic and lose gains despite the test "kicking in" at 4-5 weeks.
    Remember why you started.

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