max-lmg/stano first time stack advise.

  1. max-lmg/stano first time stack advise.

    max-lmg - non methyl wet bulking compound
    stano - non methyl extremely dry compound

    i think would be a good first time


  2. I'm on day 11 of a lmg/halo/stano stack. Not running heavy doses - lmg 75, halo 50, stano 600. I'm up a few pounds, but I don't really think any of these have kicked in yet. Slight strength increase, nothing spectacular. After this week, I'll probably up the halo to 75. First time running lmg/stano, and hoping it all starts rolling soon. I've read that lmg at 100 is really where it's at - we'll see where this one goes first.

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