1. MrSupp

    Hey I've been wondering if anyone has ordered anyone prohormones off ************?
    I've been searching for a prohormone but want more feedback before I just buy one
    Or if there's any other one out worth buying
    Please help

  2. mr supps has the most potent stuff by far in my like 2-5x the cost of other companies though. Wait for sales (on thursdays). I would rather pay more for higher quality legit stuff, but that is just me.

  3. helladrol is the best priced hdrol product on the market. especially if its on 20% off like last week, or 30% off on thanksgiving/christmas

    diesel is a badass bulker with the perfect dose combination. overpriced and fuark though

    epistane = epistane. id rather save a few bucks and get lgi or celtic. unless its thanksgiving/christmas

    6-mdrol is fkin stupid

    katana is totally fkin stupid

    i think i got them all. in the end, i think hdrol and diesel are the only ones worth getting. remember, most of their prhormones are made by needto because they are business partners. so expect overpriced products because thats needto's motto

  4. Beastdrol was crazy overpriced but I bought it many times since it worked best

  5. Lol it's not beastdrol it's god drol



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