Hey guys, I first wanna give some props to everyone involved
with this board. It is definately comforting to find a place like
this with such a vast amount of knowledge on everything from
anabolics to training. Anways, I need some cycle and training
advice. I've been training off and on the last 4 years, with the
last 2 years really knowing what I'm doing. I'm 25 y/o 6'1" and
currently at 210lbs with approx 10-12% bf. I have no known
medical conditions and have great cardio fitness due to a lot of
mountain biking. I have also never done any AAS, PH/PS, or any
recreational drugs for that matter. I have quite a bit of M1T,
some 4AD, and 4 bottles of Superdrol stocked up. I know most
suggest starting with S1 as a first cycle, but that isn't an option
for me now unfortunately. I will be getting all the proper PCT
components soon, so I would like to start a bulking cycle once
I get my products. Ok, so my questions are...out of the PHs that
I have now, what should my first cycle be and how long? I was
thinking of doing the Superdrol first, due to the low sides and then
gradually working up the the M1T later on. I'm also training on a Westside
template with ME upper/lower and DE upper/lower, 4 days total. Do
you think I should limit the Max Effort days while on SD? From my
understanding there is not a propprtional increase in the strength in
connective tissue so I would really hate to get an injury from maxing
out twice a week (1 upper body, 1 lower body). Any suggestions or
advice would be great. My diet will be right on track through it all...I know
diet is key to everything in this game. Oh yeah, my goal is strength and mass
increase, I would like to hit 230lbs. Thanks.