Gyno in PCT

  1. Gyno in PCT

    This was my fifth cycle. I was on a cycle of Epi stacked with M-drol totalling 7 weeks. Great gains, huge strength, excellent body recomp.

    I followed up with a PCT of:

    Torem: 120/90/60/30/0/0
    Clomid: 50/50/25/25/0/0
    Erase Pro: 0/0/1/1/0/0
    Erase: 0/0/0/0/2/1
    DAA: 3/3/3/3/3/3

    I stacked the two serms because it was an extremely harsh cycle and my balls shriveled up tremendously. Both serms are from different companies as well (did this just in case one was bunk).

    I'm in that fifth week now. My balls are back to normal and my libido is raging. My torem is gone but I decided to continue the Clomid past the four weeks because I started getting pain in my right nipple all last week. There is also puffiness and a slight lump behind that nipple that I am not experiencing in the left.

    I have Arimidex on hand. Should I start it now while I'm still taking the Erase? Or should I wait until I finish the Erase? Taking two AI's could cause potential for another rebound, correct? Maybe I should quit the Erase and go with the stronger Arimidex? Dosage recommendations?


  2. I would quit Erase, and run Adex. Also, I would add/or switch from Clomid to Nolva, since it is better against gyno. Then I would run Erase tappering it.

  3. Thanks. I may have some Nolva at home. I'll check.

    I had read of AAS users running Nolva and Clomid together as an effective PCT. I ran the Torem because I had read that it was better and had good results with it before. Maybe not for my case this time.

  4. I used clomid and nolva for my PCTs, and it seems to work OK. I read that Torem its better, but I cant get Torem in Argentina.

  5. Adex at 1mg per day for first seven since I already have gyno pain and lump, then .5 eod until symptoms clear?

  6. I would go to .25 eod towards the end, but it looks OK to me.


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