How long till next cycle

  1. How long till next cycle

    Hello Team! I have been lifting since high school off and on, but now I'm 32 and have been at it consistently for the last 3 years. I did my first cycle (ph) this year and have gained roughly 20 pounds probably 15 lean. I had some shut down from finaflex but fixed it with nolva earlier this year. I recently finished a stack with dimethizine, max lmg, and halodrol. I had good Gaines but my shoulder started getting really sore during the cycle, so I backed off bench and did flys and pushups and focused on other areas. In all honesty how long should I wait to do another cycle? I'm 2 weeks in to pct currently. Also, the shoulder pain wasn't an injury I just noticed it about to so I backed off. It seemed like it was joint pain. I'm really trying to get more in shape all around and stronger as well as a better runner. Any suggestions on timing and maybe a recommendation for next cycle would be appreciated. I haven't noticed any sides and feel healthy in general but haven't seen a doctor.


  2. Why don't you go to your doctor and have blood work done before starting another cycle??..and I would wait at least 3 months before starting again.

  3. Time on + time in PCT = time off between cycles

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    Time on + time in PCT = time off between cycles
    ^^This without a doubt....and that's the minimum

  5. Not meaning to sound rude at all or give you an answer you don't want to hear. But why don't you see if you can keep those gains through pct and continue making gains. Also maybe research what you are doing form-wise wrong that you can't bench. Have you tried incline? Also are you flaring your elbows out or keeping them towards your sides? Do you train upper back at least 1.5x as much? Do you retract the scapula and get the pecs and back involved or just let all the weight rest on your rotator cuff?. IMO to do pushups and run fast, you really don't need to be messing with hormones but if you are determined, you could research and narrow it down to a few PH/DS ideas w pct plans layed out through more research.



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