Anyone heard of this before?

  1. Anyone heard of this before?

    200mg of enan/50mg of prop/cc "supertest"?

  2. I think a couple of vetrinary brands have that mix to them, who is it by?

  3. stay away from it unless you want to run around 750+ mg a week because you'd need to inject eod at least to take advantage of the prop

  4. yeah i think tornell makes it and it would be underdosed.tornell and brovell are underdosed pretty bad.

  5. I think blending a long with a short ester test is a waste. To take advantage of both, you will have to inject ED or EOD and even then you're hardly getting any prop for all the pins. If you're willinng to inject ED or EOD, why not just run prop from the get go and get the most out of it.

  6. My experience has been that sust hurts as much as prop, and you still have to go EOD. Punt and go w/ Cyp or Enan alone.


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