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    Hell again everyone! Been waiting to run this cycle for a while now and really cannot wait to see how I respond to this stuff. Please take a look at my PCT and see if you guys recomend different dosing procedures. As you ALL can see I have a SERM but I am choosing to do this without it unless it becomes an emergency so can we please just leave the typical bash fest out? I am going to begin the pre load tomorrow and 1 Oct I will start my journey!

    Already Ordered and/or Possess:
    30 Days of Multi-Vitamin (Start two weeks before)
    Purus Labs Organ Shield (To be used if/when On Cycle Defense runs out during PCT)
    1 bottle of Epi2a3a
    2 bottles of Joint and Tissue by Myogenix (Pre load two weeks before and continue through PCT)
    1 Bottle of Post Cycle 3x by Vital Labs (Start 1st Day of PCT)
    2 Bottles of Taurine
    2 Bottles of Blockade On Cycle Defense by Assault Labs (Pre load two weeks before and continue until two weeks after cycle)
    1 Bottle Clomid (Only in case of emergency)
    1 Bottle Double Dragon TST 750
    1 Bottle of PES Erase
    1 Bottle of Lean Extreme
    1 Bottle of HCGenerate

    30 Days worth of Muscle Marinade (For occasional use during PCT to get revamped for working out without PH)

    Weeks 1-2:
    Blockade On Cycle Support
    Joint and Tissue Support

    Weeks 3-6.5:
    Blockade On Cycle Support
    Joint and Tissue Support
    Epi2a3a dosed at

    PCT: Weeks 6.5-12?
    Joint and Tissue
    Blockade On Cycle Support
    Post Cycle 3x

    Lean Extreme (Begin week 8?)
    Erase (Begin week 8 at 3, week 9 at 2, week 10 at 1) ???
    Double Dragon 750 (Now that I have Erase and HCGenerate im not really sure if this is needed. Maybe following the designated PCT I run this for a month to extend the PCT since I wont be using a SERM?)

    If possible someone provide a little feedback on when (week) to start using any of these last three if at all. I know the Erase will be used by im not entirely sure when. I think i typically see that used about a week into PCT at the above dosing protocol. I am a little fuzy on when to dose the lean extreme if at all; i do however know it is used for cortisol control to prevent fat development likely in the abdominal region. Cant wait for some suggestions.
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  2. Also, can anyone help me out with the timing of the Epi and Taurine? I am currently thinking 20mg of Epi upon waking with breakfast and then doing the other 10mg a few hours before i workout with my pre workout meal. Then when I bump it up to 40mg for the remainder of the cycle should I do 20 upon waking, 10 with lunch, and 10 with dinner post workout or do all the remaining 20 about two hours before working out? Same thing with Taurine. How much do I need to have per day to combat the back pumps? I believe I have read about 6g? 3g upon waking and 3g before working out or 2 upon waking, 2 pre workout, and 2 post workout?

  3. Aa far as epi dosing id go with evenly spaced out throughout the day and try to have one of the doses 2h before the gym.
    NosLabs Science Department

  4. Im taking 4 grams taurine a day I just take it right before I workout only getting back pumps when I dead lift and not really bad. If I don't take taurine I get them just standing around. The worst side was the muscle cramps brought me to my knees so many times I lost count(I was not dehydrated either) I started potassium 100 mg a day and they were gone in a few days. A quick question why don't you want to use the clomid? I am just about to the end of my six week run and I know I am shut down pretty hard. I'm gonna run torem for pct if the sides from clomid scare you get some torem I did alot of research on it and from what I gather it is the only way to go. Oh yeah I always start cortisol control 1 week into pct.

  5. Sorry for the delay in my reply. So the reason i dont want to run clomid is because of where i am currently at. I do own it but it is in the U.S. and i would have to have it shipped from my home to out here. THe reason im not doing that is because im a little unclear on what would happen to me if i do in fact have it shipped. There is another military member who had it shipped out here from his home in the U.S. and he is currently pending court marshal or something so i do not want to mess with that if that is the risk i am taking. I have so many OTC products to be used in PCT and money is no issue for me to buy more. I wish someone would just help me lay out my PCT with my OTC pct products and understand that if something catastrophic happens i will simply either go to medical and tell them i took some Epi which is not illegal for military members to take or i will have my family ship it out to me and i guess run that risk. I am just looking for a little help with the OTC. I have done a ton of research but nobody really has a guidline to follow when doing OTC products. Is stated above, i currently possess; HCGenerate, Double Dragon TST 750, Post Cycle 3x, Erase, and Lean Extreme. I have bought products to cover all facets of a PCT and if needed I will buy more! Just looking for the dosing and which week to start what for the PCT protocal.

  6. STACK is back and the cycle has began!

    I started the Epi on 29 September at 30mg per day and I will continue that dosing until the 7th of October when I will be bumping it up to 40mg per day for the remainder of the cycle which will be 30 October. Things are going pretty well for me right now with no side effects to report as of day 7. I am interested to see if this will remain the same when I increasing the dosing, I pray that it does.

    Just like every other Epi log I have ever read I cant say I have really seen a difference in the mirror as of week 1. I have however seen a 4 lb increase on the scale bringing me up to about 185 now. I am looking to get another 10 lbs in the remaining three and a half weeks and remaining above 190 following my PCT. I am eating in about a 400 calorie surplus right now with my macro breakdown being 50% Carb, 30 % protein, and 20% fat so there should be ample fuel for growth.

    I should be able to update this everyday that I workout so five times per week I plan on dropping a line or two in here to keep everyone abreast or seek any help should something happen. Cant wait and hope to see great results!

    Itchy skin/scalp? Anyone else have this on Epi? Pretty sure ive seen it in a thread before and im just going to attribute it to its anti-aromitase properties that are dehydrating my body.

  7. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention I took my blood pressure on day 5 and it was sitting at 117/60. Ill try and take it again periodically to make sure im doing alright. I do not foresee any blood work being done during cycle and if im lucky it could be done maybe a week or two after my PCT so i can see if i have returned to homeostasis.

  8. Back again for a little update.

    Saturday I was forced to use the equivalent of a hotel gym for my leg workout which was a disappointment. I basically did very high volume on the leg extension and leg curls while superseting with body deep squats and long step lunges. To make up for it I went back and smashed the legs on squats and leg press today.

    As far as the epi goes, im up about 5 lbs now, probably more since todays weigh in was on a empty stomach and i had previously been weighing in at the end of the day after my workout. Its great to see im pushing 186lbs after just eight days of Epi and i will continue to keep the calories UP to keep this kind of progress going.

    Thinking of increasing the volume of my routine by adding a day to my 5 day split and also incorperating some FST-7 at the end of each workout. I have been using Dr. Layne Norton's PHAT routine and enjoy it but while taking Epi i think i need more volume to take advantage of the hormonal benefits.
    Possible routine below:
    Back, Bi, Rear Delt
    Push Power day (Chest, Shoulder, Tri, Calves, abs)
    Pull Power day (Back, Rear Delt, Traps)
    Leg Power day (Quad, Hams, Calves, Abs)
    Chest and Tri Hypetrophy
    Leg Hypetrophy with traps, abs, calves added

    Let me get some feedback on the split. Weak spots are chest, tris, and traps as you can probably tell from the split. I think i am going to do the power days working in the 3-5 rep range for two compound movements per bodypart and then use the FST-7 on those days and leave it out of the hypetrophy days since those are already higher volume and generate a fantastic pump as it is.

    Also bumped up to 40mg today! Cant wait to start seeing these GAINZZZZ

  9. A little update to the log

    Day 14:
    No negative side effects to speak of. I have been running 40mg daily for this past week. I am not really feeling these pumps that I have read so many Epistane users speak of on these forums. Only real thing to speak of right now is some increased joint popping when getting out of bed or if ive been sitting down for a while. About two and a half weeks left, really hoping I start to see some changes in the mirror. I am up 5 lbs at the halfway point so that is in line with what I expected since the typical user gains about 10 lbs.

  10. Day 17:
    -Up at least 8 lbs. This is great! Feeling really good and still no serious side affects to speak of. Still primarily just dealing with the dry skin but some better lotion seems to have fixed that right up.
    -Although I have been gaining at a pretty rapid rate I dont feel like any of this has really been fat. I look just as lean as when I started if not even a little leaner in my legs possibly. Looking to gain another 6-8lbs these last two weeks and keep at least 10 total following my PCT in November.
    -Strength is up too. DB Bench pressing 90lb dbs ~6 times comfortably so that was a big mental boost to know something is working.


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