finaflex 1-andro first cycle help

  1. finaflex 1-andro first cycle help

    I just got my bottle in and had a question before I start it. I plan on taking 3 pills a day for 20 days to empty out the first bottle. If I don't have bad side effect I will get a second bottle and take 4 for the next 15 days. I'll be using pct black revolution black with some natural test booster. Should this be good for a first cycle and pct? Also will be taking a liver support throughout everything? Also I read low libido can be a side effect, will taking a natural test booster during the cycle help with this or can it mess everything up?

  2. Yes, your gunna get Heeeyouge!

  3. Not really looking to get huge, wanted an easy first cycle and something to get me out of what I'm stuck at. If I can get 4-5 pounds of lean muscle I'd be happy. Just want to learn from this and do it the right way.

  4. If you research the logs in the Redefine Nutrition Finaflex forum you'll get all your answers plus more. The reps there are great lifters and will help you out with questions and cycle layouts. Good lifting!
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  5. A Natty t booster may help with libido.

    I'd add cortisol control into your pct with reduce xt.

  6. Was wondering started my second week yesterday and noticed that my nipples were puffy. Is this normal with this product? They dont hurt or anything just puffy, should I take the pct with the 1 andro or wait it out?

  7. wait it out. and make sure to have some letrozole and serm on hand.


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