Question for a buddy of, it's a buddy...

  1. Question for a buddy of, it's a buddy...

    no seriously, it really is!!

    A friend of mine bought a basic test stack a couple months ago.. Dbol kick start for 4 weeks and test cyp at 500 for 10 weeks..It came with an AI (forget the name, but it's a legit AI)

    When he first told me about it, I told him to get some Nolvadex on stand by, plus have some clomid for his pct(the stack just wanted him to use the AI for two weeks after last pin)...

    So he calls me up yesterday and says he has finished his last pin a week ago, waited the week to start his pct, went to grab his clomid and nolvadex and they are GONE... He has no idea where but turned his house inside and out for 6 hours looking for them.. Assumes the wife must have accidentally threw out what ever he was storing them in..

    So, he's in a panic, my supplier is his supplier and it takes on average 3 weeks to get some and with his already being a week out since his last pin, that seems like it would take too long.. Not asking for a better, faster supplier or anything as I know that's not allowed, just curious if there is any OTC products that will do anything for him? I told him DAA powder and maybe some PES ERase? Anything else to buy him some time?

  2. You've got to realize the "my friend's dog ate his PCT" thread is really difficult for us to not incinerate by flaming......

    Google a research chem co. that will overnight to you.... I mean, your friend....

  3. Which is why I reiterated it 3

    My test cycle begins on the 18th.. This story is sadly true..

    Thanks though..

  4. crappy man, damn women.

  5. Pinning some more until a SERM shows up will buy time too

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Matthersby View Post
    Pinning some more until a SERM shows up will buy time too
    ^^^ this would be my option, pin once a week until it turns up, cruise in other words.

  7. Do (tell him to lol) what Luke and Matt just said...


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