What's up familia. I'm on my 4th week of 5 with Mechabol and have just introduced mentabolan PWO as of week 2.

I'm still trying to understand shutdown and would like to make it easier for a faster recovery.
They've made a great combo and MENT really cleaned up and kicked up the boost from Mechabol.

I understand I WILL be shutdown but have read there are more factors that carry to recovery.
MENT is supposed to cause bad shut down and I dont know how long before it make things more difficult.

I'm wondering everybody's thoughts on going one more week (Making 5 weeks of Mecha and 3 weeks of MENT.) or would MENT that long, with it's nature, cause bad shutdown?

I've been running Mecha 50/75/75/75/ and 75 or 100 and Ment 10/10/ and 10 or 20.

Torem as my SERM
I want the extra week because it's been AMAZING and very clean.