After a short and relatively successful epi cycle, I have hit PCT ,Unfortunately due to taking the wrong advice too soon on this forum i have an OTC PCT (with nova on the way) of ATD and DAA ,along with creatine and pre workouts thrown back in!
    My question is why would i be getting stronger and seemingly leaner during pct ?
    all i could think was that the re addition of creatine has helped with the leanness and strength !

    Any thoughts? or previous experiences ?

  2. Well, Atd can convert into 1,4,6 testosterone, so who knows.

  3. It is a very potent steroidal ai.

  4. If you were not taking creatine before, it will FOR SURE give more strenght and endurance. But it does not lean someone out, actually it bloats you a little bit.

  5. just because youre in pct doesnt mean your strength cant increase...
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  6. First two weeks of nolv my strength goes up while leaning out but then goes bye bye lol


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