1. Ostarine

    Anyone figured out if ostarine is supressive at 20 mg a day? I've already seen the link of a guy dropping his test from 16 to 9, he was cutting hard, those results are almost evidence for it not being supressive if you are cutting 1k calories a day, I would appreciate some more bloods and if they were cutting or bulking.

  2. I don't have bloods but I ran 20 mgs during pct for 6 weeks.....
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  3. Pretty sure I read studies saying anything under 15 is not suppressive or very slightly suppressive.

  4. 25 mg ED dosed in the AM seems to be very mild in terms of suppression. Run a natty test booster after and you should be good.

    Unless your talking PCT, in which case your probably already running a serm and a natty test booster. Then I would lower the dose down to the 15-20 mg range.

  5. There are several bloods done on people at 25mg showing that it is suppressive. Moreso in some than others. It seems to vary from one individual to another.

  6. Thoughts on running 20mg 3x a week with a serm? or 20 daily with a serm?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 400mhman
    Thoughts on running 20mg 3x a week with a serm? or 20 daily with a serm?
    I'm not sure 20 mg, 3x a week would do much. I'd run it at 25 mg ED. I'm actually running it, S4 and GW right now with some Forma. I'll run a mini pct when done.

  8. if it wasn't suppressive it could be ran like that for months and results would add up

  9. does anyone have any studies with higher doses?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by 400mhman View Post
    does anyone have any studies with higher doses?
    Go over to 3lite fitness. Guys have bloods posted running ostarine at 25mg ed during pct and their test recovered right back to normal + or - 50


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