Test levels after cycle

  1. Test levels after cycle

    Hey guys, so I've done a few cycles of test e and prop both with either turinabol or anavar. I just finished a prop and var cycle 2 weeks ago an started Nolva. I had to go to the doctor for a physical Monday and my blood work came back and they are referring me to an endocrinologist for extremely low test levels. They said it came back 215. Does this sound normal for early in my pct? Any suggestions about what to tell the doctor if he asks any questions. I'm a little worried since I'm only 24. Thanks guys

  2. How far along in pct are you?
    Test levels are pretty much shot when starting pct.

    You could always be straight forward with your doctor and maybe he'll order another test in a month or two.
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  3. Im only in my second week, about to start my third, yeah that's what I was thinking but I have heard not to tell the doctor bc if they put that in your profile it would make your insurance go through the roof

  4. Don't tell your doctor anything! Zip. Tread very carefully on disclosing anything like that with your doc. That kind of disclosure could ruin your life.

  5. very simple, just tell the doc you are shocked by that lab result and you'd like to get a follow-up done in a few weeks or so to see if it was anomalous or not. By then, if your nolva is legit (should be using clomid but...), then you will be 500-700 or whatever you normal is. I had 2080 and 2500 test levels and my GP didn't even bat an eye...I was the one concerned ended up being my fault for using the arms for androgel application...these things happen, oddball lab results....this should not alarm anybody and docs take their sweet time anyways...so you should be fine by the time they get around to testing you again for labs. Do not disclose anything to them though....need to know basis and they don't need to know, yet........

  6. Great that sounds good. If I started taking clinics now would that hurt anything? Since I'm already kind of halfway through Nolva pct

  7. Clomid not clinics

  8. It wouldn't hurt. I am a bigger fan of clomid for hpta restoration.
    Just inject.

  9. Any special dosing for this late in the game?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TNKING19 View Post
    Any special dosing for this late in the game?
    Clomid very rarely needs to be run above 50mg/day. Guys who complain about sides are generally the ones who overshoot that.
    Just inject.

  11. Do they have HRT clinics where you're from?

  12. Yep, do like HTS suggested and run it at 50mg for a month....an extra 2 weeks of PCT can only help actually. You might start crying a lot more, and acting like a little bitch....this is normal lol.

  13. Hahaha yeah ill be looking forward to that... Yes we do have hrt clinics. Would I be better off going there?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TNKING19 View Post
    Hahaha yeah ill be looking forward to that... Yes we do have hrt clinics. Would I be better off going there?
    I don't think you should go to any HRT clinics until after your PCT and a blood test then. And if anything, if you have to, use clomid as your HRT. Not injectable/transdermal test. Not worth it IMO


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