First future Cycle, opinions

  1. First future Cycle, opinions

    21 years, 4 yrs training, 80kg (Ripping now)

    1-13 Nolva 10mg/day
    1-10 Test Enth 500mg/week
    1-10 Equipoise 200mg/week
    5-11 Pregnyl 1000ui/week
    14-15 Clen 180-190 mcg/day
    14-17 PCT Nolva (14-15 40mg/day 16-17 20mg/day)

    starting with 4000cals and go up with it with my wheight

    I know that i should run Test only on first, but as i spent the money
    on this one, I'll consider this to gain a bit more lean mass!

    Well, just let me know what do you think about this

  2. 10 weeks of eq is too short and 200mg of eq will do basically nothing

    i would drop the eq and save it for another cycle where you can run it at at least 400mg a week for at least 12 weeks

    also you should be fine with shooting HCG 250iu 2x a week, 1000iu is overkill

    180-190mcg of clen is A TON i wouldn't go over 120-150, also you need to ramp it up and a quick ramp down, finally i don't think its a good idea for PCT as you want to keep your cals high while your body is regaining homeostasis and its anti-catabolic properties are ENTIRELY exagerrated

    just run test E for 10-12 weeks at 500mg and drop the nolva until gyno symptoms occur unless you already know you are predisposed to it

  3. well, the equip is basically for tasting it, not for gains... I've thought saving it, but dunno if it worths to save this one cuz in a few months it will expire, and till expiration date i woun't do another cycle!

    Thought on 500ui x2 week now cuz i read a lot of stuff around this and i heard a lot of discussion.. I really thought first to do 250ui 2x's/week but later read a and saw that a lot of people not only do 500ui 2x's/week but start shooting it at the week 1 of the cycle!

    Well, i do quite well with clen, it's my usual dosage with clen 160 to 180 (not mentioning tappering of course), and maybe i can raise it to 200mcg, i'll try that one of these days! yep, i know the tappering, just posted the higer dosage i will reach! I'm using clen here, nop for ripping and lowering cals, but to use it's anticatabolic properties! But are you saying that mantaining my cals the clen is useless as anti-catabolic?

    Well, nolva i should run always, i'm a bit predisposed to gyno, so i prefer to be safe than sorry!

  4. well the study that showed clen has anti-catabolic properties was done on mice and at VERY high doses, the doses we use are nowhere near high enough to invoke its anti-catabolic properties

    honestly you won't even get a taste for the eq at 10 weeks and 200mg
    it won't kick in really until about week 6 and 200mg isn't enough for really anything - sucks its going to expire though, i mean it won't hurt to run it, i just don't think it will make a difference aside from injecting more oil

  5. Well, for personal experience i can see some clen effects on diet, but of course not that huge hype talked about! It's good for the substance and price it is!

    Well, the prob with the equipoise is that now i have only 10ml of sydgroup (200mg/ml)
    and i can't get that one now anymore, i only can get now from ciba at concentrations of 50mg/ml, that sucks a lot! And i didn't want to use dif brands on the same cycle..!



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