Test w/dbol kicker and tbol finisher?

  1. Test w/dbol kicker and tbol finisher?

    Has anyone done this or seen a log? I just searched through a ton of pages and haven't found anyone who has done this. Was thinking
    test e 500mg 12 weeks
    dbol 20-40mg 1-4
    tbol 9-14 30-40mg
    pct-14-17 nolva 40/40/20/20 clomid 100/50/25 erase 0/0/3/2/2/1.
    I will be running support supps and diet is in check and clean. Also have winne, epi, and m-sten but would rather save Winnie for a spring cycle although I could just buy more. But not too worried about a little bloat or slight fat gain. Will probably run Adex .25-.5 mg daily for 1-5 and then .25 eod if needed and adjusted accordingly. Anyone have any any insight or recommendations with this? With support supps do you think it will still be too toxic even with the low doses of each? Also, I have run 2 PH cycles and 1 test cycle previous. 31 186 And 5'9" with probably around 8% body fat now. Been cutting for about 5 months and ready to do a serious bulk for the first time. Would like to get to mid 190s with same body fat.

  2. I run .5 adex EOD watch for sides dbol will aromatize might be wise to order letro to have on hand. I pulse dbol preworkout and that seemed to help with sides. Also just clomid for PCT and you should be good

  3. I was thinking about pulsing dbol also but staying on tbol. However, I workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and with dbol having a 24 hours half life if I remember right I don't know if I would be getting the full effect of liver recovery and reduction in sides? Any thoughts and appreciate your insight.
    Maybe pulse workout days 40mg and nothing on non workout days?

  4. I usually run test e 16 weeks, it take about 4 weeks to build up, I find dbol to be more milder than a lot of PH's, I've pulsed dbol for 8 weeks, just 25mgs preworkout about an hour or 2 before workout and felt a pretty good strength increase, I've used more but 25mg seems to be enough. It has a good synergistic effect with deca or tren a. My labs show E2 crazy high on dbol so I keep it low.

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