Help on Cycle

  1. Help on Cycle

    Just a little about myself. Im 24 years old , 6'4 220lbs, body fat I would say 14 % to 16% been training for about 4 years. I have done 2 previous hdrol cycles and both time have had great results and have kept pretty much all of my gains. Im looking to step it up a notch for my upcoming cycle.

    Pre load milk thislte and hawthorn berrys

    Decadrol (max lmg) 75mg/75mg/75mg/75mg
    Hdrol 50mg/75mg/75mg/75mg/100mg/100mg
    fish oil
    multivitamin ( either vita freak or Orange triad)
    Forged liver support

    clomid or nolva
    test infusion
    amino recovery

    Question 1 ) I decided to run Decadrol first and then ease in the hdrol so by the time decadrol was finished hdrol kicked in and i would hardened up and get rid of some potential water gain from the Mlmg. should I do this or just run then side by side?

    Question 2 ) Vita freak or orange triad? ( all i have ver used is animal pak)

    Question 3) Should I run clomid 50/50/25/25 in pct over nolva for prolactin issues? and save nolva if some sort of gyno occurs? ( never had problems with

    Question 4) should I run Tudca alongside Forged liver? or save it for pct to help the recover of liver values?

    My goal is to bulk more before i decide to go on a cut next spring.

  2. bjordan
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    You could run some formeron on cycle to keep the water off you plus it has a mild conversion to 4-oha so you would get a little anabolic boost from it 2.

  3. alright thanks man will def look into this. What about mlmg dosing.. is 75mg to low with me being 220lbs? or will it be ok since im running it with helladrol
  4. bjordan
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    Stacking with hella. I would run the hella at 75/100/100/100/125 for your size bro and dose the lmg at 75/75/100/125. That way you get a steady increase in dose and gains should as well. Tudca would be a wise choice or you could check out lgi damage control its a full cycle support with 200mg of tudca and 400mg of SAMe for the liver.

  5. Alright man good deal ..much appreciated



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