Deca-SARM w NRG-x labs Tren & 1,4 Andro

  1. Deca-SARM w NRG-x labs Tren & 1,4 Andro

    I wanted to run DecaSARM chrome and NRG-X labs Tren and 1,4 Andro with the prescribed dose and run for 4 weeks a following PCT. I wanted to know if anyone has used either together before (I couldnt find enough to be conclusive), or if anyone would agree or disagree if it matches my goals. I'm currently 178lbs 13-14%BF and looking to get to around 185-190lbs and 10% I know I'm not going to be able to accomplish both via this one cycle but hopefully get pretty close heres how it looks. Might consider logging it if i get good enough feedback.

    Week 1-2 NRG-X Labs Tren & 1,4 Andro - to initiate increased test levels
    Week 3-4 Tren, 1,4 Andro & DecaSARM - increase lean mass gains while trying to minimize fat gain
    Week 5-6 DecaSARM - Use these weeks really work towards lean gains and fat loss
    Week 7-11 PCT, bulk DAA, - return to safe natural levels

    Do you think more PCT is needed or recommended

    Training & Diet are fairly on point, not perfect (diet at least)

    Will be training twice a day with a strength regimine in the morning(20-30mins) followed by hypertrophy based(40-60) training in the evening
    I've just started carb back loading about a week ago and was planning to run it through this stack unless a more keto approach would be optimal

  2. Bump any help? Thoughts? Comments suggestions...
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