HCG mixing: Heavily confusing...

  1. HCG mixing: Heavily confusing...

    Hey all, I have 2ml Sodium Chloride and 5000iu of the HCG Powder.

    One is in an amp, and the solution is in a plastic container. It's Fertigyn.

    How the hell do you combine these safely?

  2. Google how to get the top off that amp properly.
    Then throw the sodium chloride in the trash and order and HCG kit. (JK)
    Unless you are doing a blast of a couple thousand IU's, 2 ml's is not going to be enough and you should be using bacteriostatic water.
    The great thing about an HCG kit is its cheap... It's legal and available on Amazon.com.... And it comes with your sterile vial, all your pins, and 10 ml bacteriostatic water.

  3. And you can use the SS to deposit 1ml into the hcg amp, then draw it all back up, shoot it into the sterile vial... Then add 9 ml's of BW to the sterile vial. Bam! You've got 500 IU'S per ml, ready for the fridge.

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