What ever happened to Methyl-D

  1. I remember years ago Gaspari sold these tabs as PH at GNC. Methyldienolone.

    Does anyone make this compound anymore?

  2. There is/was a company in the uk that has/had it. This is recently....google, and you'll find it

  3. Pretty sure it's still sold in EU, haven't seen it in US in years.

  4. That's what it was labeled as under Gaspari.

  5. Rockhard supps had one I think. Converted @ 10-15%

  6. Had a look around....dragon nutrition in the uk still makes it.

  7. Does dragon have a website?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Zac Speed View Post
    Does dragon have a website?
    Yes the have. Just google dragon nutrition.

  9. Thanks fellas

  10. dragon's methyl dienolone is legit. but you're going to need 2 bottles for a good cycle.


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