So I bought the Titan stack and have been taking it for past 4.5 weeks. Not going to get into all the specifics, but will surface a few things. First, I'm not a "cycle" person, having done one Epi cycle 3 of 4 years ago as my only real cycle ever. Next, for whatever reason, I rarely ever see any advertised benefits from anything, including creatine - micronized or otherwise. With that said, I didn't have high hopes this time. I am a vegan but will eat fish or chicken or rare occasion. I also don't care about how much weight I lift. My focus is symmetry and proportion, not bragging rights. So I am not going for one rep maxes. Going for sets of 8-12 but will dip down to 4-6 to just feel and get used to handling the heavier weights.

For this cycle, I increased my caloric intake by approx 400-800 calories per day, and I am incorporating animal products (mostly egg whites). After week 2 I saw zero results. No surprise given my past but then starting in week 3, the weights I could handle were noticeably more. At this point, my bench is up like 45 -50 pounds. And I can handle the weight more comfortably. My military press is up like 30-35 pounds. My squat is up like 50 pounds. My net weight gain so far is only 6 or 7 pounds but the mirror makes it clear that there has been an exchange of fat for muscle. I am more cut and vascular. Not competition vascular but certainly look like I'm in better shape now.

I only took Titan portion for 2.5 weeks because I wanted to do a 6 - 6.5 week cycle, not the whole 8 weeks. Wanted to be on long enough so body gets used to gains, but not so long that sides start to get hairy. Also decided to do 2 pills on non-workout days versus recommended 3. Don't ask why, as there is no good answer. I just decided to do this and so far gains keep coming despite cutting down on potency of cycle. As it turns out, I've experienced zero or very minimal shutdown. And don't feel any sides (although no blood work yet).

Will keep you all posted but thought this was worth sharing.