Dosage of 4-AD CYP for HRT?

  1. Dosage of 4-AD CYP for HRT?


    I know most wouldn't use 4-AD Cyp for HRT when they could get test but I am just wondering what amount of 4-AD Cyp would likely have to be used per week to bring Test levels well within the normal range? I know some of this depends on the conversion argument but what would be a good estimate is what I am looking for.


  2. Hard to say with much precision not knowing your weight, but I'd say about a gram a week. I was on 1400/week a little while back and it felt like about 300-350 mg test, so 1000 should get you close to the 200/week that standard HRT would give you.

  3. Cactus,

    Thanks for the feedback. I weigh about 185 right now and I may drop to 175 (cutting) but my usual weight is about 195.


  4. around 1300mgs per week qwould jive you 195mgs test in your system

    Remeber the 15% conversion rate.

    I was dosing at 2100mg ew and barely felt any rise in test levels but I am only 21.

  5. I am 51 and have done 4ad cyp a few times. To me 1800mg felt like 500-600mg test prop.

    The best way would be to start out at a lower dose, and keep having your blood tested to see how your levels are, unless you are OK with going by "feel".

    If you can mix it at 250mg/ml, you might try 2mls twice a week.

  6. Yah two MLs twice per week sounds good for an even thousand. Does that sound good to you guys? As I said, just for replacement dosage.



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