Winabol and nrgx labs 1 4 andro

  1. Winabol and nrgx labs 1 4 andro

    HI to all

    I was looking at winabol by gen x labs and nrgx labs 1 4 andro.
    I was interested to know info and opinions on these products about there effectivness and quality and if there effective at building muscle gains.

    Info will be most appreciated thankyou!

  2. gen x labs products are legit. winabol is their furazabol thp ether product. 50mg/cap, 60 caps I believe.

    I've used it. it's legit. but you need another 2 bottles.

    cant comment on nrgx labs 1-dhea, 4-dhea product.

  3. Is this product ok for first cycle or should i turn to 1 andro products for first cycle?

  4. Hi all, i was thinking of buying two bottles of winabol since you have to dose it highly and stacking it with there 19 nor andro (decasterone)which is similar to finaflexs 550xd.
    Dosing winabol at 3 caps and the deca at 2 caps.

    Anyone please inform me if this cycle combination and dosing is good!
    Assistance will be nice

  5. just do it. get your swole on.

  6. Hey man i was doing more research on the gen x labs products, winabol in particular.
    Do you know what furazadrol converts to in the body?
    I was thinking similarities to winstrol stanozolol where it converts to dht.
    Help is appreciated man thanks!

  7. It doesn't convert into anything.

    It's an active steroid.

  8. So if it doesnt convert to anything why is it a prohormone then, becuase i thought all prohormones need to pass the liver to change into 1 test, 19nor test ect.
    So does this mean that furaza steroids convert into 1 test or test when it passes your liver?

  9. Did you not read what I said? It isn't s pro hormone.
    It is a steroid.

    UN methylated furazabol

  10. don't be afraid


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