Generic Labz Mega-TRN Expiration?

  1. Generic Labz Mega-TRN Expiration?

    Discontinued use of AAS/PH's three years ago and recently found an unopened 90-cap of 2mg bottle of GL Mega-TRN in my old supplements box and was wondering if it's still good even though it expires June 09 in case I ever decide to cycle again or get rid of it.

  2. mmmm tough one. id say probly if it was in a good storage area. i go by 5 years after exp if stored properly. some people go further

  3. Love mega trn. Was very good to me on two cycles . Let her rip and let us know

  4. How do you suggest dosing it? Also just in case it's no good anymore or weak it would prob be best to stack it with another PH and since I used to stack it with Superdrol and that's not around anymore what's the nearest clone to it these days?

  5. 2-3 per day is all u need
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