Chlomid, Nolvadex and Arimidex

  1. Chlomid, Nolvadex and Arimidex

    This feels like a stupid question, but - I'd like to know the answer.. What's the difference between Chlomid, Nolvadex and Arimidex?

  2. In the simplest manner, clomid and nolvadex are SERMs(Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) and arimidex is an AI(Aromatase Inhibitor)

  3. As Size has laid out, plus...Clomid turns you into a Peter North in training, Nolvadex Keeps you from growing tits, and Arimidex gets rid of the unwanted bloat.

  4. lol anyway, to put it in easier terms(hopefully), clomid and nolvadex are weak estrogens which prevent the stronger estrogens like estradiol etc from causing various side effects and also help in restoring natural testosterone levels.
    while arimidex prevents aromatisation of testosterone to estrogen. its not a weak estrogen like nolvadex and clomid.

  5. How likely are the symptoms of Nolva listed by WebMD to occur in men using it as PCT?

  6. You guys are awesome. Thank you...

  7. Chances of uterine cancer are low :-)

  8. There are some things about Nolva that freak me out (probably brought up before):

    Carcinogenesis: A conventional carcinogenesis study in rats (doses of 5,20, and 35 mg/kg/day for up to 2 years) revealed hepatocellular carcinoma at all doses, and the incidence of these tumors was significantly greater among rats given 20 or 35 mg/kg/day (69%) than those given 5 mg/kg/day (14%). The incidence of these tumors in rats given 5 mg/kg/day (29.5 mg/m2) was significantly greater than in controls. In addition, preliminary data from 2 independent reports of 6-month studies in rats reveal liver tumors which in one study are classified as malignant.

    Mutagenesis: Although no genotoxic potential was found in a conventional battery of in vivo and in vitro tests with pro- and eukaryotic test systems with drug metabolizing systems present,increased levels of DNA adducts have been found in the liver of rats exposed to tamoxifen. Tamoxifen has also been found to increase levels of micronucleus formation in vitro in human lymphoblastoid cell line (MCL-5). Based on these findings, tamoxifen is genotoxic in rodent and human MCL-5 cells.

    Found here:

  9. Here's some more (at****108):

    • Thrombocytopenia (24%)
    • Leukopenia
    • Anemia
    • Thromboembolism (2.6 to 13.6%)
    • Lightheadedness, dizziness, headache, lassitude, mental confusion
    • Depression
    • Loss of libido, impotence
    • Lipid abnormalities
    • Nausea/ vomiting
    • Elevated liver enzymes

  10. Nolvadex ceertainly has side effects. No one should use these drugs unless it is necessary.

  11. I do want to point out that the carcinogenesis was found at dosages much greater than any of us would take. And many of the studies showing very serious side-effects were done with patients who used the tamox for several years non-stop. For me, the scariest part is mutagenesis and impotence.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis
    I do want to point out that the carcinogenesis was found at dosages much greater than any of us would take.
    For example, 5mg/kg would translate to 490mg for me -
    that's your metric ****load right there...and every day for 2 years???

    Worry about this one last....


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