Low dose Transform Extreme Mass

  1. Low dose Transform Extreme Mass

    I found a bottle of this in my stash. I'm thinking of running it at half dose for 6 weeks. Each cap is 10 mg of superdrol and 30 mlmg. I have all pct items lined up. Is the mlmg too low dose. I've read most run it at 75-100mg.

  2. yea lmg dose is low. but youre after the superdrol, not the lmg. i say go for it

    or buy seperate lmg and add that to bounce back up without shooting the sd dose to 30mg

  3. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I'm not fond of running superdrol at 30 mg. I'll grab another bottle of mlmg and add to the mix. I may just run it as is just to see what it yield

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