Test E super easily trough 25g.

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    Test E super easily trough 25g.

    Im simply curious to know if it really has this much difference between Ug and Pharm gear.

    Im starting week 3 on TE. 250 every 5th day.
    Gear is from Schering, germany.

    I have been drawing up with 18g filtered needle and injected with 25. injection goes trough with absolutely no problems.
    My wife been injecting me as shes a doctor and knows better so have not even had any pain on my thighs.
    small amount of soreness for ~35 hours and were talking about virgin muscle

    Question goes. I read endless amounts of topics and stickies past 2 years while trying to learn more about cycles in general and simply everywhere I look at people said how 25 might take forever to inject. Is this simply because of the gear being pharma grade or should I continue with the same brand in the future simply because I find it fit for me ?

    Thanks on front!

    weight gain this far 0.5 kilos.

    0.25mg Adex 2 days straight with 2 days off keep all my water out this far.
    I started it 10 days after first inject.

    PCT Clomid, Adex.
    Cant get my hands on Nolva right now and ordering from internet is not an option.
    Im a tested athlete who simply cannot get busted now.

  2. Ssssooooooo your cheating? Lol if you wanna run was get the **** out of a job that doesn't allow steroid use and go somewhere that does
    Why not zoidberg?

  3. GymHavoc
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    I ensure you. you do not find clean athletes at my level of sports so it becomes more complicated.
    Hell 99% of all athletes on any national level are using doping. Sorry if this came as a shocker to you

    Anyways I have growth a strong interest towards pro bodybuilding.

  4. Every fifth day seems a bit long without another injection, but that's not your question.

    I inject with a 25 gauge pin, and depending on what type of gear your injecting it either goes quickly or slowly. Obviously some are thicker than others.... if you knew how it's made you'd be able to answer your own question
  5. GymHavoc
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    Thank makes sense. thanks

    I will be moving to every 4th day in week 4 to further postpone homeostasis.
    I have enough gear to go on until 20 weeks so thats not a problem now.

    It has shortly now started to work better and weight has gone up by 1.5 kilos.
    This is pretty interesting stuff to be honest

    Starting weight 88 kilos, 194pounds.
    BF measured this spring under water at 10.5% and I think it havent changed much.

    Might update here weekly just to keep track.

  6. GymHavoc
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    Ok, I got all the info i needed and got happy that I obviously ruined MC*******s day lol.

    Cycle doing great.

    Now off to disable my account here..

  7. so what is your weekly dose at now? I usually run test e around 800mg - 1g a week unless I'm stacking it. I think test e is pretty mild if you want gains I would up it.


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