Epistane + Ralox PCT

  1. Epistane + Ralox PCT

    My first post, have been a longtime browser so thanks everyone for such great information.

    Basically i've had slight gyno since puberty (now 25 yrs old) and never taken any kind of steroid. Was slightly chubby as a child but have been in rather good shape and lifted extensively the past 4-5 years.

    Finally fed up with the nipple issue I decided to try hard to rid myself of it before getting surgery.

    After a ton of research I decided to start with Ralox and bought some (research grade). Along with this I used 3 pumps of AIFM (topical ATD) day/night.

    After about 6 weeks of 120-80mg/day (of ralox) and only slight improvement I got impatient and started a cycle of low-dose Epistane as I read it can help.

    My epistane cycle is as follows:

    I continued the Ralox on cycle at 80mg/day as well as the 3 pumps day/night of AIFM.

    I'm now in the 4th week of cycle and have had zero sides and AWESOME gains. Gyno has reduced slightly although not enough so i'm starting to come to terms with the fact that i'll likely have to get surgery to have the perfect contour.

    My main question is what is the best approach to PCT considering I've been on a SERM/AI the whole time.

    I have some Tamox on hand and also have more Ralox as well.

    SO, should I just continue with the Ralox/ATD as I taper off of the Epistane and into PCT? Possibly add some OTC stuff like Erase and a natty test booster?

    -OR- Throw in a week or more of tamox in addition to the Ralox?

    Not sure the best protocol here... Ive not experienced any side effects on cycle, sex drive has been normal and as mentioned, gyno reduced slightly.

    LAST QUESTION: I know Letro is the strongest drug for treating gyno but comes with side effects... Im ok with the side effects if its worth a shot before surgery.. any thoughts considering what i've already tried?

    Thanks! All help is really appreciated!

  2. Bump... Anyone!

  3. Hhhmmm Idk anything about ralox. But I'd treat it like any other cycle and do a pct like you normally would weather you want to just do a ralox pct or Nova is up to you... I'm not a gyno expert cause I've never had it so I've never spent time researching too much about getting rid of it. There are some posts in here about gyno killing lol and letro is usually a part of it
    Why not zoidberg?

  4. So considering I've been on ralox throughout cycle should I just continue the same dose? Throw in some DAA or another natty test booster?

  5. Don't forget a AI too
    Why not zoidberg?

  6. I've been on AIFM (topical ATD) the whole cycle as well.. SO just keep that going? Should I throw in erase as well?

    It may be overkill but i'd rather be safe than sorry. Especially considering my Epistane cycle was short, low-dose and I have not experienced any shutdown

    PS- I'm also tapering off down to 10 mg a day for the last 3-4 days

  7. I've never ran a cycle while also using a serm so I can't help with that. I will say the only way to determine "shut down" is by getting a blood test.

  8. wouldn't "shut down" also translate into physical symptoms (i.e libido issues/not getting it up)?? From what I understand (and currently feel) low dose epistane is pretty mild for that.. thoughts?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jalex991 View Post
    wouldn't "shut down" also translate into physical symptoms (i.e libido issues/not getting it up)?? From what I understand (and currently feel) low dose epistane is pretty mild for that.. thoughts?
    Sure those are definitely symptoms but your natural testosterone production could still be shut down without any physical signs at all. Example: I just ran a pretty harsh 4 week cycle that I have no doubt shut me down but my libido was still normal and I had no problems getting it up. The only way to know for sure is to get blood work done a few weeks after pct is over.

  10. OK thanks... so what did you do for it?? I'm not worried about spending some $ on natural test boosters ect..


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