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  1. Quote Originally Posted by BLaQz View Post
    Let us know if it gets here...
    It made it after a month and from the other side of the globe . lol

  2. Love the poms! 7 days guys only 7 days

  3. Quote Originally Posted by goat23 View Post
    Love the poms! 7 days guys only 7 days
    I feel the Power

  4. If you haven to give a F*ck !

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by sonnysponza View Post
    Ordered my msten off strong supps, does anyone know what this message means in the picture ? And has anyone ever ordered from USA to Australia ??

    <img src="****85 826"/>
    Quote Originally Posted by sonnysponza View Post

    Never made it threw, I'm pissed as ! On there forum everyone was talking it up that it always make it threw.. That's how the cookie crumbles ordering illegal drugs to Australia ..
    Well now you know that it takes more than a week for things to arrive. Dont be so hasty man it can take up to a month sometimes but I've never had anything stopped.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sonnysponza View Post

    It made it after a month and from the other side of the globe . lol
    Good to hear... I wonder what route it took... Seems like a long time...
    Just for the record PES Enhanced order didn't get through... Was looking forward to it too... I haven't had a PWO for months because I just don't get anything out of the ones available here...

  7. After having this msten for so long, since I made this thread I have finally started after having it for so long and all the reading about it and good advice from people like macdady & mxcrew350 and some others today was the day !
    Started the msten at 8mg a day

    I have on cycle support,
    Additional liver tonic pills, (milk thristle)

    Liquid clomid
    I'm going to buy some test boosters & THINKING about also ordered assault labs 3x pct just to add to my clomid. More the better right ?

    Clomid = 35/ml ? 35/35/35/35 ?

    I don't see myself getting up to 20mg of msten, it's my first day and I feel, hot in the head a little nothing serious, but full of energy, held myself back from going back & bi's since I'm sore from yesterday ? Do I really need rest days on a cycle ? My day job is very physical, carry 30kg bucket in each hand a lot of the day it's like time under tension for my bies all day ! They are sore somedays but it does cause growth. Give us some feed back fellas


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