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  1. Quote Originally Posted by sonnysponza View Post

    It made it after a month and from the other side of the globe . lol
    Good to hear... I wonder what route it took... Seems like a long time...
    Just for the record PES Enhanced order didn't get through... Was looking forward to it too... I haven't had a PWO for months because I just don't get anything out of the ones available here...

  2. After having this msten for so long, since I made this thread I have finally started after having it for so long and all the reading about it and good advice from people like macdady & mxcrew350 and some others today was the day !
    Started the msten at 8mg a day

    I have on cycle support,
    Additional liver tonic pills, (milk thristle)

    Liquid clomid
    I'm going to buy some test boosters & THINKING about also ordered assault labs 3x pct just to add to my clomid. More the better right ?

    Clomid = 35/ml ? 35/35/35/35 ?

    I don't see myself getting up to 20mg of msten, it's my first day and I feel, hot in the head a little nothing serious, but full of energy, held myself back from going back & bi's since I'm sore from yesterday ? Do I really need rest days on a cycle ? My day job is very physical, carry 30kg bucket in each hand a lot of the day it's like time under tension for my bies all day ! They are sore somedays but it does cause growth. Give us some feed back fellas



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