4 weeks on Letro @ 2.5mg ED and no gyno relief yet....

  1. Question 4 weeks on Letro @ 2.5mg ED and no gyno relief yet....

    I have been dealing with a horrible case of gyno for months and now Im part of the way thru my 2nd bottle and I dont feel like anything is changing. I got it from R U I which was always legit but now Im wondering if they are selling junk now, or if its possible that Letro just wont help. I got the gyno from a SD cycle, so I know it not prolactin induced...anyone have any suggestions or thoughts??

  2. Try another research chem company.
    I had a similar issue, I just purchased a new bottle from another RC company and then I started to see results. Once I felt the letro stopped reducing the lump...I then started nolvadex and the lump reduced a little more. After 4 weeks of nolva I started using .5 mgs of arimidex 3 times a week.
    Seems to have done the trick

  3. Can anyone PM me a recommendation for a legit company to order from? Im guessing my stuff is just bunk since I still have full libido lol

  4. For SD I would have used Arimidex or Aromasin, not Letro. I'd buy that or switch companies. No we can't tell you where to buy chems that's against the rules. But remember, anything you use now will simply control the growth and reduce size (per say), it will do nothing to remove actual gyno.

  5. Wait, so surgery is the only thing that gets rid of gyno?



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