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    So I'd like to start off by apologizing that I haven't posted as much as I should on here as long as I have been a member. I'd like for some advice from you good fellows though. Okay so I'm about 3 1/2 weeks into a halo-v cycle right now and it's working okay I guess but not how I expected. My diet is relatively clean with cheat days more than I'd like to admit. My workout consists of:
    Monday: chest
    Tuesday: back
    Wednesday: cardio
    Thursday: arms
    Friday: shoulders
    Saturday: cardio
    Sunday: legs
    I'd like to gain around ten pounds more of muscle and cut my BF % around 2-3 %. Is there any good PH out there that could help me achieve my goal? Or change in workouts? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks again guys in advance

  2. based on your split, od say there are several issues with everything

    first being you exect way too much you wont gain 10lbs of muscle and lose 3% bf in a single cycle of hdrol. ud be lucky to pull off one of those on the best hdrol cycle

    your split also sucks. based on the cardio days, id think youre trying to lose weight. but then you cheat n the diet more often than you want to mention. does your nutrition and goal not match up?

    and hdrol really takes effect after week 3. if you do compound movements, youll feel the difference next week

  3. I mean probably not. Id say I consume around 2500 to 3000 cals a day around 200g or protein and 200 to 300g of carbs I'm not a careful calculator of them all just a round about estimate of them all. My stats are 6 1/2 foot 192 around 10% bf too

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