?'s on Making Suspension From Tabs

  1. ?'s on Making Suspension From Tabs

    I have a few questions.

    I was going thru my things and I found 786 (yes I counted them)"Hong Kong" test suspension sublinguals I forgot I had. I have BA(benzyl alcohol), BB(benzyl benzoate), safflower oil(vitamine e enriched), and 0.45 filters from getpinz. Is there anyway for me to make test suspension in oil with these sublingual chinese tabs? I would rather inject them than take them sublingually if possible. I just want to know if I have another oprion to sublingual intake.

    I was thinking of disolving them in the BA overnight, as this would let any binders or glue or any other crap stick to the bottom. I just don't trust that chineses crap anymore. I would then remove (with a syringe) the BA with the suspension in it and not the junk. Then mixing in the BB and the oil, heating and filtering. I was thinking of going with 5% BB and 15% BA and the remaining 80%, safflower oil for a 100mg/ml solution. I am just not sure if it can be done or if it is worth it. I do not know if the suspension can be disolved in BA or if I should. I also don't know if I will lose the test. I believe this is how animals kits do it but I am not sure. I am asking a few bros who have knowledge in this area. Any help is appreciated.

  2. How about using methanol to break it down and then filtering it with a coffee filter to get the binders out?

    It is the only IP stuff I have and I have used them asa test base for 6 weeksand they were ok nothing I want to do again sublingually to nasty and weak. If I make and injectable out of them I might get something out of it at least. I would think it would be better than the stupid sublingual method.

    There has to be some way to do this. We convert and remove all sorts of stuff all the time from over the counter supps to cattle implants and these are nothing more than test. Any ideas?

  3. Chemo? Dazed? Anyone?

    Chemo? Dazed? Anyone have any ideas or anyone who has done this? I know it has been done in the past.

  4. It has but I do have a clue how to do it.. so I am going to bump this. Hopefully Chemo will be able to help

  5. Get this.....I found a pill bottle in my car and wuallaaaa! Exactly 14 more test suspension sublinguals. So now I have exactly 800, 20mg sublingual tabs. When I counted them I just had to laugh. I used to keep a few in the car so I could take a couple before I walked into the gym. Totally forgot about them. I need to clear my stuff out more often...lol...

    I hope the big dogs see this thread tho. I really would rather convert them. My house is going to be like a lab soon. Making prop, tren and if I get this info then suspension too.

  6. Just wanted to update you guys.

    I spoke to dazed...who btw is a real cool bro...and he helped me out with how to do it. I extracted the test with methanol and then precipitated it with distilled water and filter out the test. I made 170cc's of 100mg/ml suspension as I was able to extract 17000 mgs of test suspension powder from 800 IP test suspension tabs. That worked out to 21.25mgs per tab. I was shocked that those tabs had that much test. I kept trying to dry it to make sure it didn't have any moisture left but it came back the same after 2 days of doing this.

    It looks just like aquaviron suspension but just a hair thicker. It does clog a 23g pin if you shoot it too slow. I took 1cc last night when I made it, and 1cc this morning before I worked out. The pain is minimal and I have taken prop that was much more painfull than this. There is a very mild soreness from the crystalizing as to be expected from suspension, but less than I expected from using suspension in the past. Still painfull tho.

    I have a bro I work out shoulders with on mondays, sometimes when he bothers to show, and he showed up today and during the end of our workout he just asked, "what the hell are you on dude?". I had totally forgotten about the suspension as I am not on cycle. I was just testing my final product for pain mostly. I said "nothing" but as I was saying it I remembered the shots I took. Kind of stopped the word half way...lol...bro is cool tho. He just said "I want some too damn it"...lol

    I had a real good workout. My strength was up big time and the pump was above normal but not massive. The biggest difference was that I increased my reps on weight by about 5 per set. I also increased my weight by an average of 4% in 1 workout from the last shoulder day. I just felt strong as hell. So my experiment was a successs. Now the key is to stop taking the suspension til I am ready for a real cycle. It's kind of hard to stop and addicting as some of you know.

    Now on to make prop. Already made tren. My wife thinks I am nuts for doing this...lol....She won't give me my shots and I had to write everything down in a journal step by step so she could read it. The wife is an RN and she is big on sterile procedures. She said she will give me the shots in the future when she knows they are good for sure after inject them myself a few times.... lol ...women...lol


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