First Cycle Help

  1. First Cycle Help

    Hello, I'm somewhat new to this forum. I was a lurker for a very long time and rarely ever posted anything. I need help with my first cycle. I am decently educated on anabolics through independent research and because I am going to school for biochem (and kinesiology). I am in my early twenties, I have been weight training for about 8 years, but had a decent foundation before that from being involved in a wide-array of sports (primarily combat sports). I have competed in bodybuilding a couple times, both times naturally (want to compete in powerlifting). I have been personal training for several years as well. I have my nutrition dialed in (although have been contemplating hiring a coach for my next competition season), and I can effectively implement a training program for myself. I also have my supplements taken care of. I have done a couple cycles of PHs and designers in the past, Primordial's andromass/stano/ultra and trenazone/dermacrine/epi/androhard along with 500mg HCG a week, and the first week of PCT. Both cycles were around 8 weeks. I made somewhat decent gains, far more noticeable strength gains than apparent size gains. I have also done brief "cycles" of SARMS (although I noticed very little difference from just training naturally). The only thing I did that was very foolish was not getting bloods done for any of these cycles.


    6'3+" 262-265lbs at my heaviest at around 18-20% BF on cylce (I know, very fat this offseason work and school got in the way of cardio, strict macros, etc.), currently 245lbs at around 15-16% BF natty (I have been cutting for 8 weeks, very slowly)

    Bench: 405x2 reps, 385x3, 420 1RM (ass came off the bench however) on cylce, currently: 385x1RM, 345x3, 315x8
    Squat (one of my worst lifts): 440x5, 465x3, 505x1RM on cycle, currently: 405x8, 435x2
    Deadlift: 635x1RM, 585x2, 565x3, 500x10 on cycle, currently: 525x4, 585x1, 495x7

    So now that the introductions are over, here's where I need help from this forum. I am having an enormously difficult time acquiring a source. I have made several attempts at acquiring a local source, but at this point I have decided that I am going to use an online source(s). I am aware that sources are not to be posted on this forum (I don't know if you are allowed to just send me a PM linking me to one). All I am asking for is either for someone to point me in the right direction, perhaps to another forum where they are allowed to post sources (trying to google for legit sources has lead me to some sources that have left me rather skeptical, and to forums that seem unreliable). But I need to find a legitimate, trusted online source. And I have been looking at some online sources, but I am still skeptical.

    I am also happy to accept help on my first cycle

    I plan to do something very short to see how responsive I am.

    Test 8-10 weeks (going to get bloods drawn to see the purity of the UGL quality), probably front-loading with sust (750 mgs-1 gram), using cyp and maybe prop (400-500mgs a week) throughout the remainder of the cycle along with mast for the last 6-8 weeks (100-150mg EOD). It is very likely I will use epi for 8 weeks as well, since I have so many designers saved up I don't know what to do with them. I will use HCG (500mg a week every 3-4 days) intra cycle and post. I will make sure to have an AI like adex on hand, but I am hoping that I won't need it because of the mast+epi. PCT will be research grade toremifene and perhaps tamoxifen as well, along with some supplements I tend to reserve for PCT (DAA, those sort of things). The cycle is simply meant to be a recomp, to assist in my current goal of cutting, so that I start off that much leaner before engaging in a contest prep diet. Thanks in advance for any help any of you may provide.


  2. I got a couple PMs, but nobody posting in the thread?

  3. First off, I would run the test a lot longer. Like at least 10 weeks. Preferably 12-16. And secondly you definitely want an AI for pct. not over the counter stuff either. You can get away with those with short ph cycles, but your gonna want it for test.

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