Help for pmag cycle pct

  1. Help for pmag cycle pct

    Age 20
    Weight 185
    Bf 9%
    First cycle

    I have my cycle figured for pmag

    And for my pct all I have is erase pro (not sure how to dose) and my cycle assist

    On everything I've researched a serm is used in the pct, is that necessary or would I be safe with erase pro and my cycle assist

  2. IMO it sounds like you need to do alot more research, and perhaps wait acouple more years. I started PH/AAS at age 22, and still some guys say I was too young. I wouldn't run the cycle if I were you.

  3. i did my first at 22 with 4 years experience behind me. in hindsight, i consider that too early

    how bout you use the search button op?

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