Anavar 1st cycle

  1. So I am gonna bite the bullet and run my 1st cycle of anavar should I include proviron with it can any body shed some info on this company I am not after much muscle gains just increased matabolism and some strength any info I will be very

  2. erase the source, we arnt allowed to talk illegal sources here. only allowed to talk about the compound itself

    var takes pretty huge doses for males. its gonna cost you quite a lot to do it right

  3. Is it your first cycle ever? Why var?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by srblan
    Is it your first cycle ever? Why var?
    From what I have read up on it it seams to be what I am looking for! But I am unsure if I should run provaron with it

  5. Var without a base of test is probably not a good use of your money.....

    Are you taking TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) or something like CEL CycleAssist for liver protection?

    For increased metabolism the ECA stack is very effective.

    I think you are going to be disappointed. You will need to run 100 MG per day. Limit cycle to 6 weeks.

    If this is your first cycle, just do Test C or E and add an AI and effective PCT.

    Not enough information to really even comment.

    What about labs? are you going to run labs to check liver function?



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