Cycle Plan

  1. Cycle Plan

    Ok bros thinking of my next one. I want to shred but I also wanna get bigger so I'm having all kinds of wacky thoughts. Don't wanna touch Tren yet so...

    I'm thinking
    50mg test P EOD weeks 1-10
    75mg(+?) NPP EOD weeks 1-6
    75mg(+?) Mast P weeks 6-10

    Is this just plain dumb or awesome?

  2. History (cycle, training, etc.), stats, and other info will get you more help.

  3. 209lbs at the moment.

    1RM bench is 150kg or 110kg x10.
    1RM squat 160kg (neglected legs for a long time)

    Currently on a cycle of Test e & EQ at 400mg each p/w. Last cycle before that was test e 200 & deca 400 3 years ago. I got awesome gains. A year before that I did 2 test only cycles at 400 & 500 p/w.

    Train 4-6 days a week. Cardio at least 3 times a week 20min run/cycle at the moment. Off cycle do 30mins.
    Chest & tri, back & bi, legs & shoulders split.

    Bf fairly low (full 8 abs when tensed).

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