Hiya SWOLE ****ERS!

  1. Hiya SWOLE ****ERS!

    Just wanted to start off saying hey and look forward to learning all that I can... Always seem to find myself reading info from here and decided to actually sign up on my first forum, seems like I won't be dissatisfied with Anabolic minds!

  2. Stick around and enjoy....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  3. Nice sig MAN BOT lol

  4. Man bot? Lol sometimes I like to think I am a machine.

  5. How do you guys put pics on through your iPhone?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by KoolAid View Post
    How do you guys put pics on through your iPhone?
    Add/Insert attachment

  7. I can't figure this out...

  8. I think I got it


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