Bridge Cycle

  1. Bridge Cycle

    I'm not too familiar with bridge cycles, I am interested in trying one after my current (aggressive) cut, I need to let me body recover but I want to fully capitalize on my window for growth, which I feel comes quickly after a long cut (I think I missed it last time cause I did a long pct. then tried to grow) Any suggestion on something to run that will keep me anabolic but not shutdown (or at least minimal shutdown)....while I give my body a little off time before I begin a mass cycle.

  2. Your thought process is flawed, the growth "window" is how you make it. Typically after long deficients jumping into higher calorie cycles will lead to unwanted weight gain. Also off cycling time is very important, time on + pct = total time off
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  3. This ^^^. Also, IMO, after a bulk or cut, it's important to hold that new state and condition for a period of months to adjust. Otherwise, the likelihood of rebound or reverting back to your previous condition is highly likely.

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