Hard Dieting to End Cycle...

  1. Hard Dieting to End Cycle...

    I am two weeks and five days into Epi and Stano, and despite consuming calories at or below maintenance, I have gained fourteen pounds so far. My strength is through the roof and every time I go to the gym someone new is saying, "Wow. You got a lot bigger since I saw you last." I have leaned up slightly, but not like my original goal for this stack.

    Soooo.. I am three weeks in and have three weeks left at 40mg Epi and 800mg Stano. From reading everyone elses logs of this cycle, these last three weeks should be where all the gains are noticed. Would there be any problem with cutting calories steep, say 2k a day for the next three weeks, and refeeding the day before my last workout to see my gains for the cycle? From there, I would probably up my calories quite a bit for week one of PCT with a lot of fats to help get hormones back up, but then I would drop calories down to a more moderate amount after that to continue cutting.

    Like I said, I am really liking the strength and moderate hardening effects of the cycle so far, but 250lbs is just too much weight for my body at my current BF%.

    Any opinions?


  2. Cutting out 2k a day?? I wouldnt do it....
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Cutting out 2k a day?? I wouldnt do it....
    No.. Cutting on 2k cals a day. I have been somewhere around 2800-3200 a day. Probably maintain at atleast 3.5k.

  4. Oops lol! I wouldnt go 1000 below but each is their own....why not drop a few hundred and increase expidenture
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  5. Drop to 2k.

    You technically should of been here from the start.

    Cutting and gaining 14lbs don't go in the same room.

    Is this your first cycle?

    If one is using aas on a cut, their goal (imo) should be to use the steroids to prevent muscle catabolism, and should not have any desire to add mass.
    Maybe 5lbs at most. (from glycogen retention)

    Judging by your comment about your weight an bf%, I'd say you prob need or want to lean up a good bit.

    While your on, your appearance is going to be deceiving, cause when you come off, you can most likely kiss that muscle harnesses good bye. ( depending on bf)

    Use the anabolics/anti catabolic effects to its fullest potential ( based off your goals.)

    What's your cardio looking like?

  6. Well I have been working construction 5x a week hauling gravel, tearing down walls etc so my lifestyle expenditure has been very active. I also follow a modified WS4SB routine from DeFranco. My clothes feel no tighter and the mirror shows I have actually leaned up some, but for athleticism purposes, I don't want to be at 250lbs and roughly 17% BF. I don't care about the scale, but obviously I do about body fat.

  7. that doesn't count as cardio, unless it's your first time ever working in that environment, and you've been doing it less than a month. after the first month of being introduced to that, your body adjust to the demand, and it isn't anything beneficial.

    again, appearances can be deceiving, esp if you weigh that much, with that % of b/f. the steroids are tightening up everything, making your skin thinner, as the muscles draw water into them.

    giving you a fuller, harder, leaner appearance. but when you come off cycle and return to normal, you can expect to become disappointed and possibly depressed d/t being unhappy with the results.

    unless you like being 10-12lbs bigger, and just as soft looking as before.

  8. Ok..

    So dropping to 2k. Three weeks left will be at 50mg Havoc and 1000mg Stano. Roughly 225g protein, 50 or 60g fat, rest from carbs so like 125ish?.

    What would you recommend for PCT dieting and training approach?

    PCT is Torem, DAA, Test Factor, Erase and Creatine.

  9. The exact same as on cycle
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  10. Get some ur spray from prototype nutrition.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    Get some ur spray from prototype nutrition.
    Def using this next cycle
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  12. Never going to pct without it.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    The exact same as on cycle
    So then why do you see so many individuals upping calories due to reduced recovery and reducing training volume? It's my first cycle so I am just trying to do everything properly.

  14. I assume your PCT is for one month, you can up your calories during PCT if you like but expect to put on some weight that may not be wanted. I lowered calories on my bulking cycle during PCT with no problems whatsoever. that's actually going to be your personal preference whether you do it or not
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    Get some ur spray from prototype nutrition.
    I'm using that currently for a cut, along with reduce XT ABE and test factor. Also on TRT of course (not exactly fair, I know). I bought the 2-pack this time, save one for later

    I'm doing similar to OP with calories the next 5 weeks, ~2,000-2,500 per day up and down zigzag style, 200-225 grams of protein with about 100-150 carbs and the rest from fat. I would like to do 5 days of 50-60 carbs, one day of 100-150 carbs, and one day 250+ carbs.....but I just can't lay off the damn starburst and rice/noodles lol.


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