1. 1t/4ad

    I'm currently 5 9 ,20, 195-200lbs, bfat around 9 %. I've been working out for a
    solid 3 years and feel ready to do my first cycle. I'm planning on doing
    the traditional 1t/4ad transdermal cycle and run transdermal formestane
    during cycle at about 100 mg once a day or every other day, not sure yet?
    I'm using nolva for pct along with trib and zma. My dosing
    is 200 mg split in 2 doses along with the 4 ad at 300mg split in 2 doses as well.
    Now I'm wondering since this is my first cycle how long do I run it for?
    I'm thinking at least 4 weeks but I hear it does not kick in for a good week or 2
    so to get the real benefits should I run it for 6 weeks or longer?

    I'm being very precautious with gyno and estrogen sides because I had gyno surgery as a kid
    naturally so I'm just making sure I do not encounter this problem again.

    Thanks for any help..


  2. If you are worried about gyno you could reduce the 4ad dose. those doses might seem high for a beginner. I would not go over 6 wks. the rest sounds good.

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