Age - 32
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 201lbs
BF - 18%

This will be my 4th cycle. All of which have either been with H Drol or M Drol. Having said that this will be my first time using Katanadrol. Can anyone with experience give me good dosing for this run? Please post only if you have experience with the product.
My goal is to try and get as ripped as possible.
I will be running cycle assist, agamine, creatine, jack3d, daily, and fish oil.
I have never had any issues with sides in the past and don't foresee any now so my post cycle will be cel pct and erase.

Had bloods done about 2 months ago and everything came back normal except I do have a mild case of under active thyroid. Runs in my family as well as high bp. Having said that I am on meds for both and will keep an eye on my bp with a digital cuff I have at home.
Thanks in advance.