1. Talking Desoxytest!!!????

    Anyone have further info on what transdermal dosage will be ,maybe I should consult PA on this.Interested about this compound being released by phfthe a:a rating seems to be promising considering it seems like a good candidate for td absoption based on mw of 272.Anyone?:0

  2. What exactly is this compound supposed to be like in comparison?

  3. Interested about this stuff.. Maybe jbry could chime in and she'd some light? Bump

  4. Delta 2 has a good bit of positive reviews.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    some refer to this compound as 2-androstenol. this stuff is unmethylated phera. it was previously released by anabolic xtreme in a product called 3ad. the ph version, 17keto, was also released in a product called delta-2. henryv has a write up on the ph version delta-2.
    3-AD? I still have a bottle of that sealed. I wasn't sure what it was. I bought it years ago and forgot about it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by henryv
    2-androstenone is a prohormone to 2-2-androstenone is a prohormone to 2-androstenol, which is unmethylated phera. androstenol, which is unmethylated phera. 3-AD contains androsterone (like stanodrol) 3-AD contains androsterone (like stanodrol) and 2-androstenol with an acetate ester and 2-androstenol with an acetate ester attached.
    So delta 2 is a ph to desoxy test

    It seems 500-600mg is a good dosage.


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