should i use a serm?

  1. should i use a serm?

    Running a 4 weeker of alpha bulk I have reboot and Nolva

    I've been told that bulk isn't that suppressive and reboot would be fine for pct but since I have the Nolva should I run it something like 10/10/10/10 along with reboot just to be safe or should I save for more suppressive cycle and run reboot solo?


  2. You should be fine with the pct that comes with the kit. Anything more than the 4 weeks you need a serm.

  3. Thanks bro..I assume since most are running bulk and mass and still only using reboot I would be fine but better safe than sorry

    Also people were saying "you won't see much if anything from bulk solo" but I've made some great gains. Hopefully I keep them

  4. :yeah when people do those stacks they double the amount of time on and the dosage. To keep gains it comes down to training and diet. I'm doing a advanced muscle science stack and I feel amazing and hit the weights hard.

  5. I'm thinking of giving androfactory bulk up a try for my next run

  6. Hey hawks 21 what kit you choose and how is it going

  7. Quote Originally Posted by hw101 View Post
    Hey hawks 21 what kit you choose and how is it going
    I am doing a hormone regulation kit and I'm on my second week on the cycle and right now I feel God like in the weight room

  8. Running it or 4 or 8 ? Asking because I was thinkng about using the same kit . Are u gonna use a serm? And have you put on weight in the first two weeks?

  9. 4 weeks. And pct with kit. I have a ai in case gyno flairs

  10. Ok cool let me know how it goes and if you get any sides .


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