Ostarine to Albuterol

  1. Ostarine to Albuterol

    I'm bulking on astatine right now. Almost at the end of 6th week.
    Once I'm done I would start cutting with Albuterol.

    How much do you suggest to wait between them? (if necessary)

  2. What dose are you running the ostarine? And are u planning on running some very mild form of a PCT after? If so, I'd do it after your hormone levels are back to normal as ostarine may be mildly suppressive.

  3. I'm running 20mg per day. Caps form (Osta RX).
    No PCT after cycle.

  4. I'd probably run some DAA afterwards just in case. It's dirt cheap anyway. But assuming you arnt rly suppressed, you could probably jump right into a cut similar to "toggling" back and forth.

  5. I was thinking to leave just a week of "Rest" after ostarine

  6. well if youre bulking now, you should give a transition period instead of just dropping 900 calories right off the bat. but id say youre probly good to jump rit into the albuterol if you want to. its not catabolic or supressive or anything. the only thing that would fuk your strength is if you messed up your diet

  7. Def take some DAA at least. No way you aren't at least a bit surpressed. Sure u can get away with it but why risk your hard earned gains? Grab a test booster at least. An otc AI would be good too.

    Btw how were your gains after 6 weeks of the osta?

  8. Until now gained 6lbs without gaining bf (or 0.5-1% max).
    Is it really necessary DAA?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Qonix View Post
    Until now gained 6lbs without gaining bf (or 0.5-1% max).
    Is it really necessary DAA?
    When did you begin noticing the effects & gains?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BLaQz View Post
    When did you begin noticing the effects & gains?
    Actually i noti ed more the 2-3 week. Now seems slowing down.

    But its not the topic of discussion


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