Interested in opinions on this ...

I've been experimenting with 2 week test prop cycles. Since they're short - the theory is you can blast them really hard. It's actually only 11 days worth of gear followed by a three day "clearing" phase and then start PCT - which is minimal but, for me does include Torem for two weeks following.

My last 2 weeker - I frontloaded 300mg's of test prop on day one and then 100mg's ED along with 75mg's of Masteron ED stacked with 60mg ED Turanabol.

****in' kicked my ass the first week - I felt like ****.

Thought it was the Turanabol - and it may have been, but everything I read about the stuff said it was one of the milder steroids - certainly milder than Dbol. Whatever - I started getting pains in the liver area and some green poop (which could have been caused by artificially colored sports drinks) and I dropped the T-bol completely.

had to reduce the Test dosage to 75mg's and Mast to 50mgs - then I started feeling better, for the last few days of the cycle.

So I want to do something like this again in a month or two (I'm giving my liver some time off) but I'm interested in what people think about what the optimum dosage for a short test cycle should be. I've done test before - but only short cycles of two weeks and only about three of those (one was with test suspension - it's too up and down for me so I won't use it anymore).

And yeah - I know a lot of people think short-cycles are ****. But I'm not going the route of shutting myself down for 6 to 8 weeks. Every two weeker I've done I've come back after two days on PCT and even made some gains in the off times. Nothing major mind you - probably gained about 6-8 solid muscle pounds over the three short test cycles I've done.

But you are supposed to feel pretty good on cycle - and this idea that you can ramp up the doses on a short cycle seems to not jibe with me personally - because high doses of test made me feel like ****. And the Turanabol - even worse!