My lab results

  1. My lab results

    I am on test-e 600mg a week and tren ace at 75mg Ed with 40mg Ed of winny. I got my progesterone, prolactin, dht, and estradiol levels checked.

    Estradiol 34 pg/ml
    Prolactin 4.6 ng/ml
    Dht results in a few days
    Progesterone 1.9 ng/ml

    Everything says normal except for the progesterone which has a normal range of .15 to 1.15 in men. I thought it was gonna be high. I am of the mindset that high progesterone alone cannot cause gyno so I am not too worried. I am taking 25mg Ed of aromasin split in two doses and wanted to know what you guys thought about bumping it to 31.25 mg to bring my e2 a little lower to be safe. I have read that 30 should be the max with 20 being the optimal e2 level. I have had trouble with tren puffy nips in the past and wanna be safe. Everything except for the tren and winny is pharmaceutical so I know all my ancillaries are good. I am also on 1.25mg of prami Ed that is prescribed. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Also: I am on 500ius of hcg 2x a week which I know can raise progesterone...


  2. I paid $125 at an endocrinologist, AFTER two $115 visits

  3. Prami will JACK YOU UP!!! Don't do it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Littleguy0321 View Post
    Prami will JACK YOU UP!!! Don't do it
    Almost all caber is fake, lets say your prolactin is out of control causing side effects. I'd use prami. Js.
    Most of the time a good anti prolactin like inhibit-p will be more than enough.
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