H-drol fxed my back pain... please explain how?

  1. H-drol fxed my back pain... please explain how?

    So very confused right now. Please bear with the long post, but I am confused.

    I have had terrible back problems/pain for 6 or 7 years now and nothing has helped. ( chiro, PT, drugs, ect)
    It gets so bad sometimes that I sometimes even get bouts of ED because of it.

    I finally got an MRI this year because the pain has been getting worse... Turns out I have 3 bulging discs and beginning stages of stenosis.

    Strange thing is the ONLY thing that gave me any relief was a cycle of H-drol I ran last year. Only PH or steroid I have ever done. I had my sex drive back and then some, back pain was pretty much GONE and workouts/flexibility were back like they were 7 years ago (NO PAIN). At the time this made no sense, If anything i was worried it would give me ED problems while on cycle and cause my back pain to worsen. Now i did get terrible lethargy and back pumps towards the end, but overall I felt great.

    Well after finally finding out what has been causing this back pain, it got me thinking how the hell H-drol relieved my pain?
    I did not think H-drol had any anti-inflammatory properties?

    -Terrible back pain for 7 years
    -recently discovered I had 3 bulging discs and stenosis.
    - no PT, chiro, drugs helped pain
    -H-drol completely relieved pain and side effects while on cycle

    How did H-drol help my bulging discs? Does it have anti-inflammatory properties?

  2. Ask Patrick Arnold. I'm sure he"ll have some kind of witty response.
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  3. Patrick sure is a witty fellow

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