Does anybody know about LG sciences 1-androstenolone?

  1. Does anybody know about LG sciences 1-androstenolone?

    Hey guys, new to the site, but I really like it! My brother gave me an unopened bottle of LG sciences 1-androstenolone and mostly full bottle of erase. I've been reading about pro hormones but can't find too much consumer reviews/info about this specific product. I want to grow a little bit more but want to know exactly what I'm getting into with this. Any help will be more than appreciated. Thanks guys!

    I found the products online if anybody is curious and knows more than me about this stuff,

  2. Thanks..I read that. I was hoping to see if anyone on here had experience. not just a LG sciences rep.

  3. Nevermind. I'll ask in that thread. My bad!

  4. this is another example of that curious phenomenon whereas being a dickhead to someone overrides the desire to be of assistance. but at least you linked the thread.

  5. *curious internet phenomenon, i meant



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