Aromasin and inhibiting gains

  1. Aromasin and inhibiting gains

    This post is for entertainment purposes only =].

    What's up guys. Figured I'd make my first post, as iv had a hard time finding the right answer. In terms of AI's (specifically aromasin) alot of times you hear it will crush your estrogen at high doses. Then you see studies suggesting otherwise. Its run so many diff ways. Some are good at 6.25, some at 12.5, some at 25mg and even dosings of ED to EOD ranging from once or twice a day (given the half life in men is 8-9 hours) I guess at the end of the day it really comes down to the individual, and finding that sweet spot. Now clearly only bloodwork can confirm what that spot is, and not just go off of a feeling. But I'm curious what you guys think in terms of very low estrogen. If you were to keep it very low, will it really hinder gains like some say? Or is it really only the loss of water weight that we look at as loss of gains. Iv seen heavyiron say there are no studies that prove the use of an AI inhibits lbm gains. But maybe that's dose dependent. What say you?

    Thanks fellas

  2. Too low for me at least is painful knees, ankles, wrists. Also zero sex drive and or erectile dysfunction.

  3. Bro I put it at 75mg ed for 4 days to try and kill a lump and puffy nipple. Tried 25 50 but didn't affect it only at 75 did it work then I just tapered down to 50 for 2 then 25 from on out. I'm on clo so I lost no sex drive but joints are sore and I got the worst dandruff lol

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