1. M-Sten + 4-Andro STACK (ADVICE NEEDED)

    Hello. I am 6 foot 2 inches & 190lbs. Previously ran a cycle of FinaFlex Epi-V and got mild gains (4-5lbs) however I did cut some bodyfat. Anyway, I'm thinking of running a much stronger cycle that will increase mass and strength while still keeping my body fat % low. Thinking about running the folllowing cycle:

    Most products are from IronMagLabs

    First 4 Weeks:
    M-Sten Rx 2 caps ( 20MG )
    4-Andro Rx 2 caps
    Ultra Male Rx 1 Cap
    CEL Cycle Assist 4 Caps twice Daily
    Liv.52 3 Caps twice daily
    Opti-Men 3 caps at night
    Circumin & Boswellia + Piperine (for joint health)

    Last 4 Weeks:
    Ultra Male Rx - 1 Cap daily
    CEL Cycle Assist - 4 Caps twice daily
    E-Control Rx 3 Caps daily
    Post Cycle 3x by Vital Labs (OR REVOLUTION PCT by REDEFINE NUTRITION, but will prob go with PC 3x)

    Thinking about having Nolvadex ready. Do you think that Nolva would be necessary for PCT?

    Also, please give tips on the stack and things you think I should change! All advice is welcome.


  2. Yes the Nolva or Clomid or Torem will be very necessary. M-sten is a very strong drug why take any chances?

  3. Max LMG is a good stacker

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BlumpkinKing View Post
    Max LMG is a good stacker
    So is CL trestabolan!

  5. Do you think the 4-Andro is necessary seeing that the M-Sten will be run 20MG a day for 30 days? I don't know whether I should stack em or not. Or even taking the M-Sten along with something besides the 4-Andro? What do you think would be the best stack?

  6. Bro stack it. It's not just about making your cycle stronger. I ran two bottles of halo 4 years ago and it was just terrible. Libido was shot and my joints felt like a 80 year old man. I could not even do tri's at all for 6 weeks. I had to wear elbow supports in the gym for 6 months. Epi also gave me these sides.

    Stacking the m-sten with trest/ment, stano, or 4-Andro will really help with these sides. Not the mention lethargy. I had a 4 day span between running out of trest and getting ment to finish my cycle (30mg m-sten in 30 days). Let me tell ya it was just misery. I felt like one of those crab fisherman that had been up for two days on my feet. 30 minutes after taking the ment I was back to normal. It's really amazing.

  7. Okay, so now the choice is what to stack it with, either the 4-Andro or the ment? Which ment did you take?

  8. I had one bottle of CL trestabolan and one PHF ment

  9. Why don't you get some dmz to stack

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BlumpkinKing View Post
    Why don't you get some dmz to stack
    I'm running super dmz and about to start 4 ad today. Lethargy is getting annoying and libido is kinda a rollercoaster sometimes. Usually am is thru the roof and as the day goes it gets lower and lower. Would highly recommend running something to stack with msten. Its very potent but does have its share of sides although everyone will react diff to each compound. I chose 4 ad over stano bc i was looking for more of an oral test base as opposed to just something like stano that helps with sides. Figured it'll raise free test and help combat sides. And def run a serm for pct. I like clomid personally but torem or nolva would be sufficient. Daa is always cheap to add if you want more help raising natty test during pct.

  11. Jbelt, yea I'm currently running Sdmz/LMG , ton of water, nice size though 16 days into it. Going to run OSTA Rx, for 4 weeks after that then run my PCT.
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  12. Don't know why there is a picture

  13. BK you experiencing any libido issues or lethargy with that stack? I did an epi lmg run awhile back and didn't really respond that well to it. Not sure if it was just bunk or what but didn't really see much for strentgh increases or size increase. I've got another bottle of s dmz but rather not break into that seeing as im looking to use that for a winter bulk in about 6 months. What lmg are you running?

  14. I have the worst lethargy, lgi LMG . Back pumps that make my eyes water every time I do legs. But that is the price to pay to make gains.

  15. Also I'm shut down , no libido at all


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